Designer’s Inspiration

What inspired our designers

The Sunbrella ICON Collection

Reflecting the enduring energy and optimism of the 1960s and 1970s

Sunbrella® was born of a passionate pursuit for durability combined with a defining style that elevates above the taste trends of the day. This collection draws inspiration from our archives, reflecting the enduring energy and optimism of the 1960s and 1970s. The spirit of the styles featured the inaugural Sunbrella Collection of 1961 and a 1970s apparel knit collection combine timeless style with legendary performance. This is what makes an icon.

Visit our newest Sunbrella collection, the 2014–2016 ICON Collection, HERE.

“California Modern”

Collections that are an Inspirational Interpretation

Our “California Modern” collection celebrates the ideals of this design movement: simplicity, structure, integration with nature, and a variety of color and style. These patterns and colors were inspired by the optimism and creativity of this very poignant time in our collective design history, development from approximately 1935 through 1965.

Blue Hues are cropping up everywhere, from refreshing aqua-mint to the vibrancy of turquoise to the depth of sapphire. Blues evoke the calming effects as well as the power and strength of water and the sky. Accents of creamy neutrals, rich chocolates, and warm gray make an elegant statement.

Classic Gray continues its popularity as it provides an understated, neutral base. While violet and gray and soft yellow and gray are not new color combinations, these beautiful variations are fresh and fashionable.

Spicy Colors are warming up and are becoming deeper, more complex. Bright oranges still have their place, providing accent pops of color. However, the rich hues of burgundy and Bordeaux create a sophisticated combination when paired with dark chocolate browns.

Wood Tones are experiencing a resurgence as they provide an inviting, comfortable presence. Honey hues, ginger-tones, and chestnut colors are a natural fit with a variety of wood finishes.

Sets of Wood Tone
Spicy Colors

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